Grief and Loss Coaching, done differently

Helping you to find a way forward after any loss.

No matter what you have lost, your grief is real

It’s a misconception that only those mourning the death of a loved one can experience grief. Grief shows up in all forms; loss is a part of life, but we can often struggle to find the tools to cope. Many life events can result in losing something, evoking feelings of hopelessness, pain and sadness that can become overwhelming. 

No matter the reason for your heartbreak, my specialised Grief Coaching Programme can gently coach you through it. Let’s get through it together – let me show you how.

This is not a quick fix, you will need to put in the work, it will be painful at times, there will be tears and laughter but I promise you better times ahead. I will empower you to embrace your new reality and live your own life.

My mission is to provide compassionate, expert guidance to help you to achieve personal growth and well-being. I am dedicated to helping you navigate your unique journey with actionable steps and personalised support. If you or anyone you know are struggling please get in touch. 

* There are important differences between coaching and counselling programmes, please access the appropriate professional support if you feel you are suffering from mental health difficulties.

Grief & loss can relate to your…

Relationships & Family

  • Death of a spouse, parent, grandparent, child, friend or pet
  • Divorce & separation
  • Ending contact with family & friends
  • Children leaving home
  • Moving/selling/losing a much loved home


  • Diagnosis of a chronic physical illness
  • Experiencing trauma
  • Supporting loved ones through illness & caring responsibilities
  • Injuries & accidents
  • Pregnancy & childbirth
  • Menopause
  • Life before/after Covid-19


  • Redundancy
  • Leaving work due to personal or family illness
  • Going on maternity/paternity leave
  • Career changes
  • Retirement
  • Leaving school/university

Regardless of the cause of your loss, I’m here to provide gentle coaching and guide you through it. Allow me to demonstrate how. Book your free consultation today.

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Group Grief Coaching


A four week, online or face to face course in a small group. 50 minutes per session. A supportive & non-judgemental group structure. Requires a private space with access to Zoom/Microsoft Teams if attending online.

Individual Grief Coaching


A four week, individual course delivered either face to face or online 50 minutes per session. A supportive, non-judgemental & personalised approach. Requires a private space & access to Zoom/Microsoft Teams if attending online. Walk and Talk available.

Individual Sessions


 50 minutes per session for those who do not wish to book a course. Requires a private space & access to Zoom/Microsoft Teams if attending online. Out-of-hours sessions are available for £100.

Success stories

It was enlightening to discover that the ‘stages of grief’ that everybody talks about is not a thing! I used to believe that I had to be angry as it was a ‘stage’ I had to go through but this was not how I felt, I now understand that grief and loss affect everybody in a totally personal way and it is ok to feel how I feel on any given day. The actions I have worked through with Kelly have helped so much and I’m now moving forward whilst keeping the memories and love close in my heart. A simple thank you does not seem enough, but thank you so much Kelly.

Hi Kelly,

Just wanted to say thanks so much for introducing me to your coaching programme and for your support and guidance all the way through, keeping me on track, as I have a tendency to deviate!

I know I never would have managed my grief without your support and the structure of the coaching and, although I was initially daunted about committing to four weeks of sessions, I am so glad I did as it has been a truly enlightening experience.

Amongst other things, I have learnt the importance of putting myself first (for once!) and allowing myself to acknowledge, feel and express the thoughts and feelings that have been pent up for so long. My only regret is that I didn’t know about this years ago!

Thanks again

Explore the possibility of a future after loss

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