Before talking to Kelly our two year old, J, was suffering from the bad sleep habits we’d used in desperation during the depths of covid restrictions.  He was co-sleeping every night, waking every hour or two and could only be soothed by his Mum using breast feeding.  Needless to say this did our sleep no good at all and his Mum was very tired!
Following Kelly’s tailored advice we made some changes to J’s bedtime routine, and over a few months we are now in a place where he sleeps through most nights in his own bed, and when he does get up he can generally be quickly soothed back to sleep either by his Mum or Dad, without having to resort to any breast feeding.

These changes have been literally life changing for us, and we cannot recommend Kelly highly enough.  If you are suffering from similar sleep problems, get them sorted with Kelly right now, you will be grateful you did and wish you had done it sooner!

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